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Sidd & Laine
Sidd & Laine
Sidd & Laine’s mission is to help the world shine a little brighter with jewellery and accessories that look great and make people feel fantastic. The collection consists of jewellery that is lovingly hand-made by artisans in northern India. Designed using natural, semi-precious stones, the range compliments styles as varied as boho-chic, the oh-so glam socialite or even the jeans and T-shirt kind of gal.

We were thrilled when we were commissioned to design Sidd & Laine’s brand identity. Aiming to attract a fashionable female audience, the new logo incorporates a geometric shape based on authentic Indian patterns. Serif typography, a vibrant colour palette and luxurious print finishing, like gold foil, were used to combine an elegant and exclusive personality.

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